First steps to designing a website in WordPress

Why WordPress?

WordPress is Free.

WordPress is Easy to use.

WordPress Handles Different Media Types.

WordPress is Safe.

Step 1

Get a domain name.

A domain is that www.yourname.com or .org .

Or simply put, a domain name is the name or address of your website on the internet.

There are many different domain extensions. Such as;

.org for organizations.

.com for companies.

.co for companies and corporations.

.net and .tech for internet/technology.

.uk .us .ug .in for countries.

Choosing a domain name

Choose one which is;

  1. Short.
  2. Easy to pronounce.
  3. Easy to write.
  4. One with an extension that corresponds with what you do.

Step 2

Host your website.

Hosting means storing your website files online so that they can be accessed by users.

What to consider while choosing a hosting service provider

  1. Find a reliable company.
  2. Where you can get support.
  3. Consider storage space.
  4. Consider SSL, Email provision and other features.