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Application Developer

We are looking for an application developer to work with Our Client, Activemakes Limited located in Mukono Uganda. The successful applicant will work remotely from their home or work places with weekly visits to Activemakes Offices in Mukono to discuss and review progress.


Develop a financial technology mobile app that will allow users to (1). apply for a loan/pay back loan, (2). have access to business courses and (3). pay bills such as yaka, water and airtime).


  • Skills in computer science or software engineering.
  • A working knowledge of programming languages such as Java.
  • Good communication and team work skills.
  • Experience in mobile app development for android.


This is a one time Job.

A successful candidate will be required to work on the project for three months (Oct, Nov and Dec 2021). He or she will work from home or their offices with weekly visits to Activemakes Offices.

The successful developer will have to sign an agreement with Activemakes Limited.

Apply Now

Candidates who meet the above criteria are requested to apply for this job by putting together a single 4 paged document indicating the following;

Page 1: Your Cover Letter

Page 2: List Your Skills

Page 3: Budget or Costing / How much do you need to develop the app for us / Indicate what we are paying for?

Page 4: Links to 2 or 3 samples of fintech or any other related mobile apps you have developed so far.

Send your single 4 paged document to

Application Deadline

Monday 20th September 2021. Please consider your application not successful if the team at Activemakes does not get back to you by 25th September 2021.